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Thank you for your interest in renting our hall for your next event.

We are continuously working to update the building. Some new additions are :

- LED lighting

- Luxury wood look vinyl plank flooring

- White walls and ceiling

- Decluttering and & organizing awards/memorabilia

Our hall is rented by the day (7 am - midnight) and includes use of tables, chairs, kitchen and bar area.


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Friday & Saturday


Discount on rental fees for Post 3701 members & Auxiliary in good standing


Funeral luncheons for veterans with proof of service held before 4 pm



One key set will be assigned one day prior to event (granted the building is not rented out) for building access.  It is your responsibility to contact John to set up a key pick-up, 407-443-2605.


SEURITY DEPOSIT- When booking online, a $200 hold will be placed on the card till after the event has finished and the hall is inspected. If paying by check, an additional $200 will need to be included for the security deposit. Check deposit fees will be returned within 10 business days if there is not breakage, damage or loss to the building contents, or additional expenses incurred due to event. lf breakage, damage, loss, or additional expenses incurred exceed $200, the undersigned agrees to pay for the excess within ten (10) days of rental date. 

RENTAL FEE - $400.00 for Fridays and Saturdays, $200 for Sunday - Thursday. 3701 Post & Auxiliary members in good standing receive a 50% discount.  Consecutive days can be rented at a reduced rate, inquire about rates.  The rental fee must be paid in full no later than 7 days prior to scheduled event, and is not refundable. 

BAR USE - Bar use is permitted with a copy of homeowner's insurance prior to the event.  If any alcohol is to be sold, a temporary liquor license must be obtained or a liquor licensed caterer must be used. A copy of the liquor license shall be provided prior to the event.  If homeowner's insurance and/or a liquor license is not provided and it is found out that alcohol is on the premise, the rental will be subject to cancellation on the spot without refund.

KITCHEN USE - Use of the kitchen and all appliances is permitted. Caterer or renter must furnish tablecloths, dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, etc. Leave soiled linens on the counter with the kitchen clean and mopped.  Please note there is not a freezer so any items that need to remain frozen are the responsibility of the renter.

DECORATIONS/SET UP - Do not drag tables across the floor when rearranging. Large gouges and scratches in the floor will result in loss of deposit. No nails or push pins are to be used on walls or ceiling.  If tape must be used, use of painters tape is permitted. 

CLEAN UP - Friday and Saturday rentals may have until noon the following day (Saturday/Sunday) to clean up, unless there is a post event or rental, in which case the building will need to be cleaned immediately following the rental.  Sunday-Thursday rentals must be cleaned by midnight the night of the rental. Renter is responsible for cleanup of all areas to include main hall, bathrooms, kitchen and bar.  Tables and chairs are to be put back as they were. Make sure to turn off A/C units or turn heat back down to 55 degrees when closing up. The kitchen and bathrooms are to be wet mopped. The main floor should not be wet mopped. Please sweep and spot clean only.

TRASH- All trash shall be removed from the building and placed in the dumpster located on the west end of the building. If the dumpster is overflowing please notify us immediately.  Failure to do so may result in a non-refund of security deposit.

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